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Fresh flowers are the answer. Ours are grown locally, sourced through our friend Stephen Workman at Picklinq Collective. We caught up with him to chat about the power of local flowers, and how they add something special to our lives. 


Tulip House

What does supporting local growers mean to you?

Supporting local is a two way street.  Local growers have to consider the needs of their end customer just as much as the quality of flowers. I always tell other growers, if you want people to support local then local has to support them. This breaks down into ease of access, fair market value, amazing product, and exceptional customer service. 

Just because I love a particular flower doesn't mean it's expensive. Getting in tune with efficiency is key so that local growers can meet the market where it's at and over perform on the personal touch that you only get from interacting with the grower who provided you with the beautiful flowers you enjoy.  It means being involved in the community where you sell. 

I met Curriculum because they offer amazing barber services. Nate is an absolute hair master.  Providing the best quality flowers back is how I can strengthen and support the community that I get so much from in return. 

Flower Field

Talk to us about the unique flower varieties here in Utah, and which ones you're excited for this year.

Tulips and Ranunculus are my favorite flowers to grow and harvest, and with the right know-how, they thrive in our mountain climate with our cold long winters. Delphinium is related to Larkspur which naturalizes very well in Utah.

Dahlias are another flower that you just cannot get the best of unless you're sourcing local and they love our hot intense summers to create the most breath taking blooms in the early fall. 

And lastly the queen of them all, in my opinion, is Lisianthus. Lisianthus is drought tolerant, it lasts forever in the vase and comes in the most amazing variety of textures and colors.

Ranunculus House

In what ways do you feel flowers enhance people's lives?

Flowers are such an important part of the human experience. 

We use flowers at every important moment of our life from birth to death. They heal when we are in pain. They express deep love when we have no other words available to us. They celebrate major life achievements. And at the core of it all they represent the wonder and magic of nature. 

The allure of flowers is universal and no matter our spoken language, flowers can be understood no matter our cultural background. 

Flower Fridge

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